Mr. Syam Krishnan

father of Abhinav Syam (PYP 2)

We chose the The White School International (TWSI) and this has been the right choice for our family. Our son thrives in the school environment, as the IB programme provides the opportunity to explore various concepts and develops skills required to live a meaningful life. Abhinav is a soft-spoken student and needs to have his space for him to learn and understand various concepts in class. He cannot bloom when he is forced to byheart and mug up.

Dr. Raj Ragha

father of Abhimanyu Raj (PYP 4) and Arushi Raj (MYP 5)

I am delighted with the school and I appreciate the warm welcome we have been given. IB curriculum helps in wholistic development and growth of children. The biggest noticeable change with the IB curriculum is how excited my son is now to attend classes and learn new concepts and develop skills. It is no longer a burden that he has to get through. Learning is now an enjoyable journey for him. As parents, that’s a big relief, thanks to the IB PYP programme at TWSI.

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