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At TWSI, we are constantly keeping our ears and eyes open for any suggestion or feedback the parents of our students may have. Just like these parents, we too want the very best for our children. We are keen to take their concerns seriously and bring about a solution that is satisfactory to all. We are pleased to say that the overwhelmingly positive response that TWSI has gotten demonstrates that the parents believe in what we do and that we are the best option for their kids.

What our Parents Say:

We chose the The White School International (TWSI) and this has been the right choice for our family. Our son thrives in the school environment, as the IB programme provides the opportunity to explore various concepts and develops skills required to live a meaningful life.

Abhinav is a soft-spoken student and needs to have his space for him to learn and understand various concepts in class. He cannot bloom when he is forced to byheart and mug up.

He enjoys the constant and positive motivation devoid of any pressure. When we were in Bangalore, we had seen that he did very well when he was given a learner centric atmosphere in his pre-school which was tuned to IB system.

At TWSI he has become very confident while speaking up and standing his ground. With the constant attention given by the teachers here at The White School International, he has become independent in managing his studies as well as his time. He is able to think deep and grow as a curious explorer. For all the reasons mentioned above, we recommend TWSI and the IB PYP to other parents.

Mr. Syam Krishnan, father of Abhinav Syam (PYP 2)

I am delighted with the school and I appreciate the warm welcome we have been given. IB curriculum helps in wholistic development and growth of children. The biggest noticeable change with the IB curriculum is how excited my son is now to attend classes and learn new concepts and develop skills. It is no longer a burden that he has to get through. Learning is now an enjoyable journey for him. As parents, that’s a big relief, thanks to the IB PYP programme at TWSI.

Similarly, our daughter in the MYP program has grown more confident, independent and proactive. We would whole heartedly recommend IB education to all children as it equips them to be better global citizens.

Besides, The White School International instils a very positive approach to learning. In children. The school is very well equipped and is guided by experienced hands. I believe that the school has a strong and positive culture. I have been extremely happy with every aspect of the school but particularly the positive attitude of the staff. We would like to thank the school management for the excellent job done.

Dr. Raj Raghav father of Abhimanyu Raj (PYP 4) and Arushi Raj (MYP 5)

Vyshnavi TWSI as she wanted a syllabus that would match what she was used to in the United States of America, where she did her 9th and 10th Grade. The international curriculum at TWSI not only offered something very similar but also variety of subject options, helping her dive deep into subjects she cared about. At TWSI she became much more international-minded and independent. We’ve also seen a measurable increase in her creativity, analytical writing skills, critical thinking skills. She has been able to appreciate increasingly varied cultures, gained better research skills, and more effectively voices her thoughts during discussions and excel during university applications.

We absolutely do feel like that the school has prepared her well for her future. We have seen her grow a lot in the past two years, both academically and personally. The best part has been how much she’s had the chance to explore vast array of unique fields in the classroom, as well as many other school-supported events such as webinars, presentations that has helped her make a more informed choice on her future career.

In addition to everything I have already mentioned, the international curriculum also offers small sizes and incredible teachers. Vyshnavi's always received personally attention when she needed help with absolutely anything, whether it had to do with classes or extracurricular engagements. The teachers at TWSI go above and beyond to make sure their students succeed. We recommend TWSI without any reservations at all!

Mr. Viju Balan father of Vyshnavi's Viju ( Edexcel A Level)

We are indeed very happy that we chose IB and glad to be part of TWSI.

The reason we chose IB was because of its practical approach. It focused more on concepts , skills through projects and learning engagements which enable real life training to the learners.

IB has helped my son in becoming very independent, as he is able to multitask and manage himself very well. He also does not require any additional help in his studies. The IB MYP Personal Project and E-portfolio has given him many opportunities to explore and learn on his own and made a him critical and creative learner.

Service as Action component immensely aided him in becoming more sensitive and caring towards the his peers and the society. I have seen that the main goal of IB education is to train the students for their future, teaching them different concepts rather than looking at life from a single perspective.

I am indeed very happy to recommend IB to all the parents as it helps learners to imbibe the various life skills, develop character and have the right attitude towards life.

Mrs. Sapna Menon Mother of Shivan Menon ( MYP 5)

The International Baccalaureate Programme at provided a great opportunity for Swasthi to explore her individual talents but also develop life skills that lead her to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Creativity Activity Service ( CAS ) in IB Diploma, the service strand in specific is something that has really impressed me, seeing my daughter teach visually impaired students for CAS, I have seen her develop compassion and empathy for people around her.

I would definitely recommend IB programme and TWSI to other parents as it truly prepares students for university and life beyond through this research based curriculum. Core components of IBDP Theory of Knowledge, Extended essay and Creativity, Activity and Service and subjects like Individuals and Societies along with all other subject groups further give a wide scope to shape my child’s perspective and develop her skills throughout the process to become a truly global citizen

Ms. Smruthi Jithesh mother of Swasthi Jitesh (DP 2)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) offered at TWSI is a high school diploma that, unlike other curricula, enabled my son to pursue his course in 6 different subject groups. The IB helped my son to cope with demanding workloads, manage his time and meet the expectations placed on him and he has become independent, has grown in confidence and is encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems. He now is able to drive his own learning.

We are very happy with TWSI and the way we have been welcomed into the school community. I have also seen that the school has a strong and positive culture. I have been extremely happy with every aspect of the TWSI but particularly the positive attitude of the all the staff there. The IB Programme at TWSI has really helped my son to become responsible, balanced and young adult who loves to learn.

Mr. R. S. Muthuraj father of Vijay Ragavan (DP 2)