P. Sulaiman


Mr. P. Sulaiman is the Chairman and Founder of HiLITE Group. He is a first-generation entrepreneur driven by his self-identified purpose of societal empowerment. Each of the Group’s ventures focus on generating large scale employment thereby empowering society and humbly contributing towards nation-building. He is the creator behind the world of HiLITE. Mr. Sulaiman has pioneered the concepts of community living, mall culture, mixed-use developments and much more. With his innovative ventures, he has etched the name of HiLITE on the pages of history.

Mr. Sulaiman has created wave after wave in the real estate industry of Kerala through HiLITE. In the year 2002, he founded HiLITE Constructions which laid the foundation for HiLITE Group. Over 2 decades, HiLITE has grown to lead numerous major sectors of Kerala, including Real Estate (Residential, Commercial and Real Estate), Retail, Interior Design and Execution, Business Parks, Education and F & B.

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