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Co-scholastic activities


Education is not merely the grades attained in the exams. It is the development of a human through various activities. TWSI follows policies wherein we balance academics with all the co-curricular activities. Every human is blessed with some talent that has to be properly nurtured from the beginning. The concept of the clubs holds the thought of nurturing talents along with proper group communication and rapport between the students.

Literary Club

Every week, the students meet to discuss about their favourite author and they engage in animated discussions over selected pieces of literature. They also apply thought about an author's purpose and develop questions that can be approached from multiple perspectives. The club aims to inculcate reading and writing habits among the children. The children also have their brush with the doyen of world literature.

Creative Arts Club

To be in love with life means to be creative. The creative self is always the essence of life. It is highly essential to let the children know about the importance of art and creativity. The state of mind to enjoy every art is more important. The creative arts club in TWSI opens a similar platform.

Science Club

Children should not be made to study science, but they have to be embedded in an atmosphere where they find a taste for science. Apart from what they learn to earn marks, there is a lot more about the eco-system, wildlife, astronomy, robotics etc. It is the way the children know about the world. With the activities of this club, they could specialize in their area of interest later on.

Health and Fitness Club

Obesity and over-weight are the major life-style problems that we face today. Children are much addicted to junk food and spend most of their time with gadgets rather than playing around. The club has the primary aim of bringing awareness among the children about health and fitness. Various health practices such as exercise, cleanliness, proper diet, good rest are all instructed here.