Established in 2003, HiLITE Group of Companies was founded by Chairman P. Sulaiman. Headquartered in Kozhikode, HiLITE Group has been a part of the very fabric of modern Kerala. Having a leading presence across the fields of Real Estate (Residential, Commercial and Real Estate), Retail, Interior Design, Business Parks, Education and F & B, HiLITE believes that innovation is the hallmark of entrepreneurship. comprising 19 companies across 8 verticals.

HiLITE is known as the forerunner of revolution in Kerala. From mall culture to Kerala’s 1st IB Continuum school, HiLITE has surely taken over with their futuristic ventures. Today, HiLITE stands as one of the most trusted builders in Kerala. Such is the craftsmanship and perfection of HiLITE Group that every project of theirs becomes a sensation, a benchmark of success.

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